If you want to translate this term “Feng Shui” in English, then “wind-water” would be the most appropriate translation. In fact, Feng Shui has been used for millennia to orient buildings, depending on the energy field. One of the most effective ways of balancing energy with Feng Shui is to use colors.

Feng Shui for Your Office

Using Feng Shui for a Office

In Feng Shui each color represents one element:

  • Fire; Earth; Metal; Water; Wood

One of these elements, Metal is represented by the following colors, gray and white.

Metal – Clarity & Precision

METAL = Sharp Shapes + Clarity + Precision + Effectiveness

METAL is the element of West & North-West

Balanced presence of this metal in your life will bring you clarity and you will solve all the problems encountered with precision.

Therefore, you can use this element in your office.

METAL = Gray & White

Using Feng Shui (Metal) Colours for Your Home (video)

In Feng Shui, each color brings different qualities and quantities of energy.

But not only the color is important, even tone and shade has a great contribution to energy flow.

Actually, in Feng Shui, gray is divided in flat gray and more sophisticated, noble gray.

You can to use this color as follows:

  • In the West – creativity & child
  • In the North-West – blessing
  • In the North – career
  • Warm gray – brings positive energy, especially if you are using it in the office and living room.

Do not use this color:

  • In the East or South-East – because these areas belong to the Wood; metal will destroys wood.
  • Do not use too much gray in the bedroom.

2. White

It is well known that white symbolizes purity and innocence.

In the ancient Chinese traditions, white is known as a supreme color.

A Feng Shui Vase

Metal Vase

White creates and facilitates a pure energy. Therefore, white creates new possibilities for you.

You can use white everywhere in your home but especially it is recommended in areas where the element metal is dominant such as West and North-West of the house.

Of course, white is highly recommended in your office.

However, it is better to use white as a complementary color not as a dominant element. White will contrast the other colors.