The inventors went wild. What they invented?

Modern & Impressive Bahtub

Blue Acrylic Bahtub

Heated toilet with soft music or an ellipsoid bathtub where computers control   the massage nozzle or even an outdoor dishwasher.

This sophisticate toilet you can find in Singapore, designed to bring spa inspiration comfort and style.

All is come with Eco functional and hygienic solution. This luxury system included heated system and sound, automatic seat closure and even dual nozzle bidet.

For an outdoor kitchen they invent an outdoor dishwasher included into a stainless box to protect the electronics .Water can be cleared by pushing a button.

For a luxury bathtub inventors created a blue acrylic transparent board to give the sensation of ocean.

Luxury Kitchen Ideas (video)

Motivated by the fact the kitchen sink drain is a source of bacteria, the inventors find a solution.

A system that steams the sink drain that it is also easy to clean, removable and dishwasher safe.

Glass kitchen countertops have smooth glossy finish and they are very strong and of course resistant to scratches and high heat.