Who has not noticed the nasty spots of oil on the garage floor or driveway? They are unsightly, present a health risk to your family and pets, can damage the concrete surface and lower the value of your property.

A leaky car, a motorbike or a lawnmower can damage your garage floor.

It is pretty hard to completely remove a stain, because oil penetrates deep into the concrete. But fortunately, there are several ways to limit the damage.

Use kitty litter (or sawdust)

-Spreading a layer of kitty litter (sawdust) over the affected area will extract the excess of oil from the concrete.

-For better results let the kitty litter to stay one or two days.

-After two days, sweep and throw away the dirty litter.

-Now, spread a layer of dried cement over the spot.

-Allow again two days for cement to pull out more oil.

-Sweep away the dirty cement.

-Make a paste of laundry detergent and water.

-Cover the stain with this paste.

-Using a wire brush scrub thoroughly the stain.

-If it is necessary, add more detergent paste and water.

-Rinse well with a lot of water.

Use Sodium Hydroxide and Detergent

Another way would be to use Sodium Hydroxide and detergent. You can buy Sodium Hydroxide from any hardware store.

It is a more expensive way but it can give good results.

Use fuel such gasoline, diesel or kerosene

Remember these products are flammable, so be extremely careful when you use them.

-Gasoline will act as a solvent, which will dilute the oil.

-Cover the stain with a plastic sheet. This will stop gasoline to evaporate.

-It is prudent to have beside you a garden house.

-Scrub and rinse well with a lot of water.

The disadvantage of this method is that gasoline ruins the concrete surface “eating” the concrete.

Another way?

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