The most expensive building in the world is a type skyscraper building, built in Taipei, Taiwan. The construction of this building lasted about five years, from 1999 until 2004. The cost of this building reach approximately 1.8 billion dollars.

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It is known worldwide as the “Taipei 101“. Why? Because it is built in Taipei and has 101 floors.

However, this record of the most expensive building in the world is unlikely to last. Nowadays things are happening fast. What yesterday seemed unattainable today is matched and even exceeded. And even this case is no exception to the rule.

Already several buildings under construction claim this fame of the most expensive building in the world. Among them, we can mention “Yongsan Landmark Tower” in South Korea or “Freedom Tower” in New York.

However, until now, “Taipei 101” has an incontestable supremacy.

Moreover, this amazing building has many other records.

1.     Taipei 101” is the building that has the fastest elevators in the world.
2.     The height of this building, measured from base to top, including floor # 101, is about half a mile, making it the first building with this performance.
3.     It is a building shaped like a bamboo and it is built on the principles of “Feng Shui”.
4.     Base of the building is occupied by a super mall.
5.     But the most amazing thing is that the building changes colors according to weekdays. Monday predominant is red and purple is the color for Sunday.