Why Baseboard Heating is not a Smart Heating System?

A baseboard heating system, no matter if it is electric or hot water, heats by convection. Convection is the transfer of heat from a space to another space by the movement of fluids.

In this case, the baseboard radiator (electrical or hot water) must heat the air of the room, before you. Therefore, this system is inefficient, unhealthy and creates a bellows effect.

1)    Inefficient – Unjustified waste of energy
2)    Unhealthy – Increases airborne allergens
3)    Creates a bellows effect – This is an interesting phenomenon.

a)    When the baseboard radiator is hot, the ambient air expands. The created high-pressure zone forces the warm air out through any cracks, insulation gaps or crevices. That means a huge heat loss.
b)    When the baseboard radiator is cold, the ambient air contracts. The created low-pressure zone pulls the cold air from outside, which means again heat loss.

 Another big disadvantage of a hot water baseboard heater is its unaesthetic aspect. Generally, these baseboards heaters are ugly metal things along the walls. Not to mention that, they attract dust and it is almost impossible to clean between their metal fins or between floor and radiator.

SolutionThe best solution is another heating system.