Richard Wyne house dream come true:  2,200 square foot, zero energy, three levels house. The house is located on a high hill facing mountains views of Whistler, BC Canada. It is part of a new development is eco-friendly, being all green.

Eco-Friendly Home

B.C.’s First Zero-Energy Home

Without giving up the comfort this green house has high standard of living.

The entire energy in this house is provided by a solar photovoltaic system. The sun light is converted by five hundred square feet solar panels into electricity and is enough energy to cover the entire house consume.

For his house Richard used Insulspan Structural Panel Walls, that mean less lumber comparative to a wood framed home. This way less energy was recurred to heat and cool his house.

The outside of the house is fiber cement and it is not affected of moisture or freeze thaw cycles, and it is never in danger of rotting.

Inside of the walls, there is foam insulation that is made from reusable plastics and vegetable oil. This way the house is perfect seals against air leakage dust and pollen.

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Windows are from fiberglass, triple glazed that save a lot of energy. The floors are polished concrete and they look very much as black granite, realizing the heat from the sun during the day.

The hydronic pipe, underneath, makes the floor to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

In the kitchen area, there are high efficiency appliances and a HVAC system for recapturing the heat out of the grey water going down into the drain and it is recovering the warm air from the dryer.

By using these types of methods, Richard is expecting to save around 5,000 to 5,500 dollars per year.

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This house is a luxury one, it got a double oven, a built in automatic cappuccino machine and butcher style kitchen island with round corners done by Edge Design.

Richard house is estimated to 1.3 million and was available for viewing during 2010 Olympic, sponsors offering discounts and donations.

The land cost 130,000 dollars. The cost for a zero-energy home is 10 to 15 per cent higher compare to a conventional one.

Richard house is part of a program who intends to build houses with low or no environment impact. The house is very warm and relaxing giving a feel of a large home.

This is truly the home for the future, healthy leaving in a healthy home, being part of healthy communities.