Inspired by the WTC Twin Towers?

This luxury apartment complex with two skyscraper towers, will be built in the district of Yongsan, Seoul (South Korea).

Although this project that is in fact, an innovative architectural project has sparked fierce discussions if it is moral to build them. Why?

Because random or not, these buildings have and incredible and frightening resemblance to World Trade Center towers exploding.

This bizarre, but original and avant-garde project is designed by Dutch firm MVRDV.

MVRDV is a company that has interesting and futuristic projects in Europe (Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom Russia, etc) in Asia (Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Singapore) and USA. Projects of this Dutch Company are covering a wide area, such as public, office, sport, retail, residential, urban plan, media, education, health, etc.

However, let us return to our subject. Dutch architects who have worked on this project, say that the resemblance between their project and WCT towers explosion, is just pure coincidence. Their intention was only, the creation of a luxury complex, which also, will contain restaurants, pools and a wellness center.

The Strangest Buildings in the World (video)

In general, we can say that architecture is an art, and like in any art, every artist wants his work to be original. Architecture is no rule exception. Dutch architects say that their project represents two towers in the midst of clouds.

If this is how they say, the resemblance is scary. However, this twin tower skyscraper design sparks many memories of 9/11 terror attacks.