People who know and tend to work often with tools state that “you should purchase only the top equipment you can afford”.

Woodworking Tools

Woodworking Tools

In fact, it is well known that when it comes to tools and not only, price and quality should go together. The intent of this article is to give you some guidelines that may help you improve your content tool box with several high quality tools.

First you can find some information online. Do a little research into garden tools, woodworking tools or automotive tools. There are many interesting and useful websites that can help you, particularly those representing specialized magazines where you can find reviews and tool tests.

For example is perhaps the best website in the field where you can find reviews of many kinds of tools. Let’s see some of them.

Woodworking Tools

For woodworking tools, you simply can’t find anything better than “Craftsman” that is America’s most trusted tool brand. Nothing can beat a Craftsman cabinet saw, a crossover of contractor or a hybrid table saw. These tools are powerful and accurate; the only downside might be the price, which is quite high (a cabinet saw costing almost $700 – approximately how much it costs a contractor table saw).

And speaking of table saws should not forget, the blades, which after all are the main element. Without having a top quality blade, a table saw regardless of brand, is just an ordinary tool.

There are several brands that constantly rank among the first ones. One of the most famous is Forrest Vermont Americanwith a price starting from $35.

Rockler Woodworking and “The Garet-Wade” tools catalog are an excellent source for high quality tools, especially woodworking tools.

The best and professional hand planes are made by Lie Nielsen priced from $115 for a palm-sized plane and $475 for a 24 jointer plane. This company also produces high quality hand saws such as tenon saws with a price of about $175 and dovetail saws with a price starting at $75.

Lee Valley is another well known manufacturer of top quality hand tools, and many contractors or homeowners appreciate the tools manufactured by this company.

Automotive Tools

“Craftsman” socket set is by far the best tool set for your car. In fact they are indestructible and guaranteed for life. Craftsman socket sets come in a huge variety of set sizes with prices between $100 and $1,800 for a professional set.

And speaking about automotive tools we should not forget the air tools. One of the most trusted and also oldest brands in air tools is Ingersoll-Rand that has an entire line of top quality, heavy duty compressors and air tools with prices starting from $100.

Gardening Tools

Garden Shed

Gardening Tools

Many homeowners feel a great pleasure to work in the garden. They say that this activity removes the stress and relaxes them. But for that you need well-made gardening tools. Actually a high quality gardening tool is distinguished by the steel strength and handle sturdiness. After all, gardening tools usually get lots of abuse.

One of the best brands is “Ames”. Professional gardeners appreciate and love these handled tools for their sturdy rivet construction and lightweight but strong handles. These rakes, hoes and spades last forever and have a modest price, not more than $30.

But you still can also choose many other brands such as:

  • Fiskars  – pair pruners – price – about $15
  • “Smith & Hawken” – tree pruners – price between $20 and $60
  • RedPig Garden Tools – a large selection of gardening tools – price between $20 and $35
  • Womanswork – protection gloves for men and women – price between $20 and $35

So, whether you’re restoring classic expensive cars, building style furniture or simply cultivating flowers and vegetables, you should choose and work only with high quality tools.