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Choosing a Paint Colour

It is well known that painting is the most simple and easy way to freshen and sanitize a room. Perhaps choosing a suitable colour for your living space is by far the biggest difficulty of this process.

How many times have you been in a specialty store browsing through hundreds of paint color swatches and trying to find the right one?

In fact this is the truth. It is quite difficult to find the color that represents your home interior style and also your personality. It is also difficult to choose between colours and warm tones and cool and vivid colours such light purple or lilac that can transport you into fairy world.

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Let’s see what you should to know when choosing the right paint colour for your living space.

Sometimes it is good to listen to your instinct but often this method can fail. If you are known being temperamental, emotions of the moment can wrongly influence your decision. The chosen colours will have nothing to do with the style of your home or your personality and there will be nothing but your most powerful emotions. In other words, choosing a suitable color is not exactly easy to do and can be quite confusing.

Start with a Splash of Colour

While there are numerous and various methods for choosing a paint colour that will fit your particular aesthetic or mood, often a favourite colour can be too over-powering for the entire room.

So, it is recommended to choose neutral colours for the major part of the area of the room. It is good idea to ask for advice of an interior designer or someone from the store. They will help you to choose a neutral colour.

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Then and only then, you can paint a wall in your favourite colour. This accent wall will be the focal point of your room. In fact, experimenting with this wall offers you an overview. You can see how this colour fits in the overall appearance of the room. You do not have to repaint the whole room if you’re not happy with the results.

Look for an Inspiration

Generally getting started is the most difficult part. Instead of starting without an idea what would be more appropriate and instead of losing precious time in front of the paint swatches, look for an inspiration.

Whether your room is already full of stuff such as furniture pieces, rugs, curtains and other objects, accessories and decorations, or on the contrary you’re starting from scratch, from an empty space bring your designer a hardwood flooring sample, a swatch of fabric, a piece of carpet or even a photo from a design magazine and he will put his imagination and experience to choosing for you the ideal colour combination.

Finding inspiration from a picture of a beautifully room or an existing furniture’s and fabric’s colour combination is perhaps the best way to find a colour combination because these colours already work well together.

After all, an inspiration can come from anywhere, not only carpets, fabrics, drapes but favourite cushions, blankets, paintings, or even an ornament that you love.