Who has not ever dreamed to live in luxury and opulence, to bathe in huge, gilded with gold tubs, having luxurious interiors with marble stairs and home elevator?

Well, if you have at least several hundred million dollars in your bank accounts, all this can be yours, plus many, many other features.

Amazing Unique Houses, Beautiful Custom Homes with Modern Architecture (video)

If not, continue to dream. However, dreams do not cost anything. And if you need to have some concrete examples to meditate, here are the most expensive worldwide houses.

The Most Expensive Single Family Home in USA

Rybolovlev Estate

10| Rybolovlev Estate (95 million)

Rybolovlev Estate is a magnificent estate that has belonged to businessman Donald Trump. The property worth today 95 million dollars and include 18 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms.

Initially, the price for this opulent house was 125 million dollars, but buyers were not rushed to take it in possession, so the price dropped significantly.

A Huge, Beautiful Mansion in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Villa


9| Silicon Valley Villa (100 million)

Silicon Valley Villa is estimated at 100 million dollars, and is indeed a paradise on Earth. The property has only 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and two swimming pools – one indoor and one outdoor, everything is more than luxurious.

Luxury House in L.A., California

Fleur De Lys Estat



8| Fleur De Lys Estate (125 million)

In 2008, Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills was named the most expensive real estate in the world. After, four years in 2012, this mansion fell on the 8th place, and is estimated “only” at 125 million dollars.


A Luxurious Mansion In LA, California

The Manor Mansion

7| The Manor (150 million)

The Manor is owned by Candy Spelling palace, the mother of actress Tori Spelling. Located in Los Angeles, the house was valued at 150 million dollars.

One floor is dedicated entirely to Mrs. Spelling wardrobe. However, this huge mansion has 123 rooms, a bowling alley and a skating rink.

A Luxurious "Cabin" in Montana

The Pinnacle Montana

6| The Pinnacle (155 million)

Located in Montana, The Pinnacle house is owned by Tim Blixseth. The house is equipped with a lift that connects to a nearby ski resort. The Pinnacle only cost about 155 million dollars.

London, Kensington Mansion

Franchuk Villa

5| Franchuk Villa (161 million)

Located in London, Franchuk Villa is estimated at 161 million dollars. It has 10 bedrooms decorated in Victorian style, an underground pool, a private cinema and a refuge chamber (in case of earthquake or in case of any chemical or nuclear attack).

The Hearst Palace

The Hearst Palace

4| The Hearst Palace (165 million)

Valued at 165 million dollars, The Hearst Palace has a history already famous: here it was filmed the masterpiece “The Godfather” and here JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy spent their honeymoon. Needless to say it has a cinema, club and 29 bedrooms.

An Incredible Luxurious Mansion in New York

Fairfield Pond House

3| Fairfield Pond House (198 million)

Only Jacuzzi in Fairfield Pond House cost $ 150,000. At that price, it is no wonder that the property was valued at EUR 198 million dollars. This grandiose mansion is located in New York.

Villa Leopolda  in Cote D’Azur, France

Villa Leopolda

2| Villa Leopolda (736 million)

Leopolda Villa is situated on the Cote d’Azur, France. The house was built in 1902 by King Leopold II, and it was bought by Russian billionaire Prokhorov with 736 million dollars. It is indeed an incredible expensive marvel.



The Billion Dollar House

Antilla House

1| Antilla House (1 billion)

Antilla is also nicknamed “Taj Mahal of the XXI century”.  Antilla House was built in Bombay, by the Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani.
This is the most expensive house in the world. It is valued “only” at $ 1 billion and it has an overwhelming luxury. The building is actually a skyscraper with 27 floors, and is 170 meters tall. The parking is spread across six floors. The rest of the building is occupied with swimming pools, a theater, a temple, a huge library, 3 heliports with air traffic control tower, vertical garden on 4 floors and many other facilities ridiculously expensive.