Mark Your Page

You can cut a piece of ribbon and slide it into whatever book you are reading to mark your page

Have a Nice Instant Hair Accessory

You should wrap a pretty piece of ribbon around your head for a trendy headband; if you have a small piece, tie around your ponytail for a pop of color.

Wine Glass Markers

What you should do, is to cut different colour ribbons into 4ā€¯lengths, then place them next to wine glasses when you are hosting a party. Let everyone tie one on, for a festive look that lets him or her know which glass is his or hers.



Use Colour Ribbon for Scrapbook

You should add color and texture to your albums by gluing down pretty pieces of ribbon as frames for your photos.

Using Color Ribbon for a Scrapbook

Use Colour Ribbon for Scrapbook


Tie Up your Curtains

You do not need to buy fancy curtain ties; pick pretty colors of ribbon that match your decor, and tie back your curtains to let the sun warm up your room.

Keep Your Keys Together

Instead of using a bulky key chain, you should choose a piece of ribbon; slide your keys through a piece of ribbon, secure and tie the ends into a bow.