Usually, a switch can be used long time, before it wears out, but sometimes, it shows signs of malfunction, before a complete failure.

However, to replace a worn switch it is an easy job. Even replacing or upgrading a switch with a dimmer is not too difficult.

Today, there are many types of modern switches. These gadgets, such as switches with motion sensor or different kind of dimmers are practical, look great and are easy to install.

How to Work in a Box

Because receptacles do not have moving parts, they last longer than switches, operating under the same conditions.

Replacing a receptacle is a job almost as easy as flipping a switch.

Attention! Turn the power off, before starting any electrical work.

1. Unscrew and remove the cover plate and check again, if the power is turned off.
2. Do not work in hurry and be careful when working. Generally, electrical wires from inside the box are quite short and because the box is tight, it is difficult to work inside it. Therefore, the best solution is to pull the wires out of the box.
Electrical Stuff3. However, if the wires are too short, you should use a “pig tail” to lengthen them.
4. It is a good idea for you to analyze the electrical wires, before disconnecting the device (switch, dimmer, etc). That will prevent any tangled wires that might happen when you connect your switch back.
It is a good idea to tag the wires.
5. Loose the terminal screws.

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