Clay (Terracotta) Roof Tiles are a naturally moist material. Because of that, they attract moss and lichen over a period of time. The tile will retain more moisture over time as more moss and lichen develop, causing the tile to become soft.

Terracota Roof Tiles

Painted Clay Roof Tiles


Cleaning terracotta tiles annually or bi-annually is excellent maintenance practice.

If possible, hot water should be sprayed onto the tiles which should then be scrubbed gently using hot water and neutral pH soap. S Never use abrasive powders or powdered detergents on terracotta.


But for more serious cleaning jobs and for terracotta roof restoration you need to follow some steps.

1/  First of wall, remove all broken tiles and try to replace them using a similar age and type tile.
2/  It’s always a good idea to have a range of appropriate products on hand at home for cleaning terracotta tiles. Apply an environment friendly product to all moss and lichen soiled areas.
3/  Power wash the tiles with a trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaning solution, using a garden sprayer. This cleaning solution will remove dirt and debris from the tiles.
4/  Also, clean all surrounding gutters and wash down all external walls and paths affected by roof grime.
5/  Remove all rusted valley irons and replace them with new one.
6/  Repair and air blow clean the entire roof area.
7/  Lay drop cloths on the ground around the roof. Cover anything you don’t want to get paint.
8/  Since terracotta’s porous surface will absorb paint and alter its tone, it is mandatory to lay down primer before coloring clay roof tiles. Prime the roof with masonry primer, using a nylon paintbrush for textured roofs and tight spots and a foam roller for large flat areas. Alternately, use a paint sprayer to distribute an even coat of primer over the tiles. Allow the primer to dry overnight.
9/  Apply a second coat of primer and similar let the primer dry overnight.
10/ Apply two or three layers of latex paint. Let each layer of coat dry prior applying a new one.
11/ Do a final inspection and perform any necessary rectifications.