Washer and Dryer

Laundry Room

You are not using every day the laundry room, only two or two times weekly or less.

Therefore, is easy for clutter to accumulate and laundry chore will become a difficult task.

Can you organize your laundry room?

1. Take out the junk.

Usually, laundry room is not a big room. You need to use every square inch and you really do not need all the stuff that you have there. Start a general cleaning and sort everything. Keep only what you use. You should donate, recycle, and give away everything else.

2. Keep your workspace simple.

You do not have too much shelving surface in the laundry room. Try to increase the shelving surface. Consider a built-in shelf over the washer and dryer.

3. Save space, create space & hide the supplies.

You want an uncluttered laundry room, but you want also a beautiful laundry room that can match with the rest of your home. First, organize a little your stuff. Hide the unattractive cleaning supplies. Do not clutter again the shelves. Let outside, only what you are using for moment. Categorize the remaining items by use. Use baskets to create additional storage space. Use wicker baskets with lids for clothes; one for light clothes and another one for dark clothes.

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4. Use designated spaces.

Use designated and separated for each category o items. Put them in wicker or funny colored canvas baskets. Label the baskets for a good evidence. Make sure every member of your family understand and respect the new system. Make a list of laundry rules and put the list on the laundry room.