Hardwood floor is a good choice for every home, has aesthetic effect and increase its value. However, whatever how much you try to protect the surface, scratches are inevitable. In fact, that is happen when you are pushing or pulling something heavy over the floor.

This can be furniture as a dining table, heavy chairs or appliances. Pet’s toenails or dirty shoes can also scratch the floor.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, you need to refinish your hardwood floor to get again its beautiful look.

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1. Check the damaged floor area to determine how big and deep are the scratches.

There are two variants:

a) Sometimes there are only superficial scratches. That means, only the finish layer of the floor is scratched and the scratch goes maybe only a little below into the wood.

b) If the scratch goes deep into the wood, than we have a gauge. That means damage to the wood floor and we need to replace the affected area or to hire a professional to make the repairs.

2. First, you need to clean the scratched area. Wipe the area with a dampened clean textile towel. Use warm water or mineral spirits. Allow time the area to completely dry.

3. There are several ways to make the hardwood scratches less visible.

a) Use a furniture marker to color the scratch. You can find these markers in any hardware store. Try to find a marker with a similar color as your hardwood floor.
b) With a cotton swab dampened in the same stain that you used initially for your floor, dab very careful the scratch. Don’t take too much stain on the swab at time.
c) The next step is to blend the color or stain into the floor. Using a clean textile cloth, rub gently the area.
d) Another option is to contact the manufacturer or the retailer from whom you purchased the hardwood floor. They can have a touch-up kit special for your type of hardwood floor.

4. Fixing big and deep scratches require patience and skill. Maybe it is a good idea to hire a professional who can do the repairs for you.

a) Sand thoroughly the scratched area using a fine-grade sandpaper. Make circular and equal motions. Do not press too much and try to cover a bigger area than scratched area.
b) Wipe and clean the area using a clean textile towel dampened in mineral spirits.
c) Make sure you have the original floor stain and using a paintbrush paint the area. With a dry cloth, rub gently the painted area to blend the color into the floor.
d) If it is necessary, repeat the painting and blending process, until the painted area is less noticeable.

5. If the scratches are too deep and you have a gauge, the only solution is the replacement of the damaged area.