Cleaning the dirty, discolored grout can be a problem for anybody. It involves an intense, meticulous and laborious work. More frustrating is that no matter you clean the grout lines are still quite dirty.

However, you can make the grout lines look new again and grout cleaning an easier and more efficient chore if you follow some tips.

Cleaning Dirty, Discolored Grout

Cleaning Grout


No brush cleans the grout better than an old toothbrush with still rough bristles.

Actually, a toothbrush is the perfect size for your grout and no matter how rough are its bristles they will not leave any scratches behind them.


Make a solution from two parts warm water and one part hydrogen peroxide. Pour this solution into a spray bottle.

Spray evenly on your dirty, yellowed grout. Allow the hydrogen peroxide solution a few minutes to take effect and scrub grout lines with your toothbrush. The grout lines will be white and bright again.


If hydrogen peroxide does not give the expected results then it is the time to resort to more drastic methods such as baking soda and vinegar.

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Apply baking soda on your toothbrush and scrub thoroughly the grout lines. Make sure you cover all the surface of grout.

Pour white vinegar into an empty spray bottle. Spray carefully all the grout lines. The vinegar will start to bubble and fizz in contact with the baking soda, dissolving and cleaning even the most deep down grime and grit.

Let this magic cleaning composition to work for at least 30 minutes and then wipe your grout lines and ceramic tiles with a damp sponge. Soak your sponge in clean, cold running water and wipe thoroughly to remove all the baking soda.

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Coke is another “magic cleaner” that can remove any dirt an grime from your grout. Soaked a soft sponge in coca-cola and wipe the grout lines. Let sit for at least ten-fifteen minutes and then rinse off with a damp cloth or sponge.


Fresh lemon juice is well known for its acidity that can brighten up even the most dark stains or discolorations in your grout lines.

Use only fresh squeezed lemon juice. Pour this fresh lemon juice into a spray bottle. Spray the grout lines and let to sit for at least ten-fifteen minutes. Then soak a soft sponge in clean and cold water and wipe the juice away.

The grout lines will be white and clean again. The lemon juice will act on the tiles too making them shinny and leaving a wonderful fresh scent behind.


Use this trick to remove the grout stains. You can erase the most dark stains using a rubber pencil eraser.