Apparently, concrete seems to be a dense and impenetrable construction material, but in reality it is porous. Because of its porosity many homeowners have problems with mold or even flood in their house basements from water infiltration.

Drylock that is a concrete sealant can help. Applied, drylock get into the concrete pores and increases its volume after drying, and water cannot infiltrate anymore.

How to apply

1. You should clean thoroughly the concrete wall with a solution of water and soap. Scrub well and rinse with water.

2. Allow time (24 hours) for concrete to completely dry. It is a good idea to use heaters or fans to be sure the concrete walls are perfectly dried.

Painting with Roller

Sealing Concrete with Drylok

3. Generally, Drylok is thick and you will need to stir it.

4. Apply the Drylok with a polyester brush. You should work on small areas. Make sure you didn’t miss any spot.

5. You need to allow time (24 hours) to dry. Then, you can apply another coat and your job is done.