Brazilian WomanSeems to have a family house built of recycled plastics!

This picture represents a video about a a house built in Brazil, and the pictures really speak for themselves.

The video presents different houses made ​​of empty bottles from different continents.

Of course, we know that there, in Brazil, is a different climate, and different material conditions, but certainly is an interesting example of ingenuity and in the same time a solution for a clean environment.

But the examples are more numerous. We can find houses made ​​from recycled bottles anywhere in the world.
in Latin America, Africa, Asia (Thailand), Canada, etc. And these houses are not built because these areas is not enough construction material. Perhaps they are not much cheaper than a house built of conventional materials.
Idea is to give an example that something can be done with this recycling waste.
Using this unique material, you can build something, maybe a little weird, but ingenious and original.
Any construction can be created from empty bottles from a local bar and a church to a residential home.
What about a greenhouse made ​​from empty bottles?
It is indeed a smart idea to reuse this material.

Bottle Houses (video)