With their charming decorating accessories, inviting coziness, simple wood ornaments and vintage accessories, these lovely bedrooms recall the long lazy summer days in the country and a peaceful farmhouse life.

But these wonderful dreamy and serene spaces also have the luxurious traditional beds, large balconies and patios, and sometimes gorgeous views.

Whether you simply want to enjoy these images or are looking for inspiration and ideas for your home you should read this post.

In the above image you can see how a small room can be turned into a country style bedroom with southwest touches.
Gorgeous Country House (video)


With this charming balcony, glorious view and farmhouse style design and decor every day you would feel like a vacation.
English Country Bedroom Ideas (video)


This pattern and style, usually in red and white, can invoke a charming English country, an American pastoral, or maybe a Scandinavian farmhouse.