Have a nice pot. Do a few holes in the bottom of your coffee can for drainage. After that, fill it with soil and then plant your favourite flowers. You can keep the plastic lid too. Use it as a saucer

Keep your grease. After you done with your cooking, pour your hot grease into a coffee can. Keep it in your freezer until is full, then toss it. It will save your arteries from clogging.

Store goods. You can use an empty coffee can to keep pasta, beans, rice or other dry pantry items. Just use label from the outside of your can for an easy identification.

Temporary compost container. Keep an empty coffee can on your counter to hold kitchen scraps in between trips to your compost pile.

Make your piggy bank. Have your kid decorate your empty coffee can with craft paper and markers. Cut a slit in the plastic lid and make sure is it big enough for coins to fit through.