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Bathroom Luxury Trends

Over time, the bathroom has changed from a functional room into a home heaven room, a place where you can relax as well refresh and renew with water experiences that excite and soothe your senses.   Therefore, it is understandable that any homeowner with remodel and renovate plans is searching to mix spa-like features with [&hellip

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Italian Designed – La Torre Kitchen, Bathroom and Bathtub Faucets

La Torre Faucets (Rubinetteria La Torre) is the spirit of fine craftsmanship and exquisite luxury. La Torre Faucets is the culmination of four generations of Italian design, quality and innovation. In the last years, many other companies have been inspired from La Torre Faucets  sleek design, but none managed to surpass its prestige and absolute [&hellip

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Upscale Modern and Luxury Makeover with Onyx

“Onyx” is an incredible and lovely variety of the quartz stone family. It comes in a wide variety of colors from white to dark brown and black.  Onyx polishing enhances its beautiful appearance. Generally, onyx, especially black onyx is used in the jewelry industry. In the last years, onyx became an increasing choice as a [&hellip

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