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Beautifully Decorated Small Living Rooms

Living room is the space where you spend most of the time every day gathering with friends and the other family members so it’s imperious necessary to be properly designed and decorated. Even if you live in small or tiny apartment and not in a spacious condo or a house and you don’t have enough [&hellip

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Top Living Room Flooring Options

Your living room is an important space of your home. The living is the place where you spend most of your time; it is the room where you receive your guests, where you are gathering with friends and family members, in other words, it is one of the most important room of our home. Certainly, [&hellip

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Timeless Antique Living Room Design Ideas

How to Achieve the Look of  Timeless Antique Design Perhaps, nothing is more elegant, exquisite, attractive and charming than antique interior design. Regardless of style, baroque rococo romanticism or neoclassicism the timeless appeal of old but beautiful and elegant and sometime even luxurious room furniture impress anyone at first sight, making your home very attractive [&hellip

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How to Create A Designer Living Room

Living rooms, lounge rooms or sitting rooms are in fact, all about creating a relaxing and comfortable space for your family and guest. Living room decorating is not a too difficult task once you learned several basic design rules. Need a little decorating inspiration? Let’s look briefly at some ideas. Design Ideas A simple accent [&hellip

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Natural Stone and the Living Room Interior Design

Named salon in the nineteenth century and renamed in the twentieth century, living room is the room of our home where we spend the most part of our spare time. The living room is the room of your home where we receive guests, where we are surrounded by friends or family, in other words, is [&hellip

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