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Turn Your Bedroom into a Romantic Space

Obviously, the bedroom is the most relaxing and intimate in the house. A romantic bedroom should contain unique stuff, personalized items to create a warm, love and why not, romance. Let’s see how you can turn your bedroom into a personal space. Wall Colours The colours in your bedroom should be bright yet pastel to [&hellip

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Sports – A Suitable Theme for the Children’s Bedroom

In every house there is a space specially arranged for children, in which they spend most of their time, preparing their homework, playing or watching TV. This space can be their bedroom or why not the home attic or the basement space that was turned into a playground just for them. However, no matter how [&hellip

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Detox Tips for Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the place of your home where you spend one third of your life so it is extremely important that this space to be free of toxic substances that could affect your health. Lets see some tips that can help you detoxify your bedroom, turning it into a relaxing and healthy place. Clean [&hellip

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Industrial Design for Your Bedroom

Today, industrial design is increasingly preferred by interior designers and homeowners. Although at first glance, this style is not elegant, opulent or sophisticated style, it is spectacular by combining different elements, some old and refurbished, and using them for purposes other than their original purpose. Usually this new trend, industrial design is used to decorate [&hellip

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How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Arranging and decorating a small bedroom can be a quite difficult task because you have to find new solutions to make this space a functional one. Give free rein to your imagination and find out what items you can eliminate, or which need to be considered to make your bedroom look bigger. 1| Take into [&hellip

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