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Caring for Houseplants in Winter

Usually houseplants are thriving in summer and spring, but the real challenge is to help them survive the winter. However, there is nothing more beautiful than you can enjoy a green corner while outside snow settles on the ground. During the warm season, plants adjust to the environment, especially if they were kept outside, to [&hellip

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“Living Stones” – Original Accessories in Your Living Room

Nature always gives us a lot of surprises and among them there are the famous “living stones” (Lithops) also known as “pebble plants”, very popular indoor plants for their unique shape, often confused with a decorative stone. The name “Lithops” has its roots in the Greek word “lithos” or “stone”. They originate from the African [&hellip

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How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for the Cold Season

Mornings are getting cooler. This means that summer is over and cold season is already around the corner. Each of us is trying to find time to prepare his household for winter. Of course, this winterizing of your home should include also the greenhouse preparation for the coming winter. At first glance, preparing a greenhouse [&hellip

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How to Build an Underground Greenhouse

An underground greenhouse is a smart option for those who love gardening, but unfortunately live in a cold climate. You need only, to build your greenhouse few feet into the ground with a slopping roof made from clear corrugated roofing. Earth’s natural thermal insulation, combined with passive heat of the sun will result in significant [&hellip

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