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Cleaning a Flooded Basement

Unfortunately accidents can happen and your basement can be flooded, even if it is unfinished or just finished. The reasons are many and diverse. Sometimes the storm downspouts or/and gutters are clogged or too old, rusty and having holes, in other words, they are compromised. Naturally that the rainwater will flow along them and on [&hellip

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How to Protect Your Family during Demolitions and Renovations

During demolition and renovations, your family can encounter a number of potentially harmful substances, and safety considerations. There are some simple steps to fallow for parents to reduce the risks in their home. The most basic step is avoiding harmful substances that can be found in dust and renovation materials. This is important for toddlers, [&hellip

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Home Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a Beautiful New Look and Save Money

You can practically have a new home without buying a new one or spending a fortune. But, if you don’t have a lot of money, can you still decorate and have your home decked out the way you want to? Of course you can! If your current home decor is dull and boring, but your [&hellip

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Handling Smoke Damage After a Fire

What can be worst than a fire? A house fire is devastating. There is damage to your house and its contents from the fire itself. And once the fire is extinguished you have to deal damage caused by smoke and the water and chemicals firefighters use to put a fire out. Smoke damage causes black [&hellip

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