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Icynene – an High Quality and Light Density Spray Foam Insulation

It is well known that building insulation materials or thermal insulation materials are used in the renovation and construction of buildings to reduce and even stop heat transfer by convection, conduction or radiation. Practically, the role of thermal insulation is to provide comfort while and to reduce energy consumption used for heating or cooling. Insulation [&hellip

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The Cheapest Way to Soundproof a Bedroom Wall

Adding mass to a bedroom wall is a cheap way to soundproof that wall. Another method would be to rebuild this wall with more dense materials, which would involve much higher costs. You need more time to demolish the old wall and build a new one, not to mention the mess. However, it is much [&hellip

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How to Build a Sound Proof Room

We are living more and more a throbbing life. Especially urban life is noisy, car, motorcycles, human activity, noisy neighbors everything makes you to look desperately for a peace and quiet environment. For many people who work hard in night shifts, and sleeping during the day, having a quiet room is even more critical. Planning [&hellip

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