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Installing Garage Floor Covering – Ideas and Options

The days of having a bare concrete floor in your garage are long gone, and today you have an increasing number of choices: ceramic tiles, paints, concrete densifiers (a chemical applied to a concrete surface in order to fill pores), modular tiles and of course, epoxy. Not only do they look great, they are easy [&hellip

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Turn your Garage into a Home Gym

If you want to change your life style in a healthy life style then turning your garage into a home gym is not really a bad idea. Working out and exercising is very important to your healthy living. Driving to a gym and paying monthly fees can be expensive and time consuming. Why not create [&hellip

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Cleaning a Cluttered Garage

What’s in your garage? If you are like many Americans, it is “everything other than my car”. Keeping the garage organized can seem like an impossible task because, without a doubt, the hardest part of making your home garage more useful is letting go of clutter. The Usual Suspects of Clutter: toys; tools; books; car [&hellip

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