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All About Kitchen Counter Corbel Installation

Adding a few kitchen countertop corbels can improve the look of the breakfast bar improving in fact, the overall appearance of the whole room. Your kitchen will be for sure, more elegant, more sophisticated even luxurious, because these corbels are not only designed to support the weight counter, they are also decorative elements. Counter corbels [&hellip

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How to Create a Countertop Template

Creating a countertop template is simple and easy to do. But why it is important to make a template to your kitchen or bathroom countertop? Making a template helps you to have a natural scale pattern of your new countertop. This template will be really useful during the installation of the new countertop. No more [&hellip

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Recycled Glass Countertops an Appealing and Sustainable Option

When you build a new home or remodel an old one, the choice of finishes constitutes perhaps one of the most important steps. Modern and fashionable materials like a flawless execution constitute in fact, the success of a modern and comfortable home. Some of the finishes are related to countertops. Choosing new and contemporary countertops [&hellip

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The Special Demands of a Wood Countertop

Wooden countertops give a special look to any kitchen adding beauty and warm to your home. They are extremely decorative and also functional. There are usually two main finishes types for these countertops, namely oils and waxes that are indeed food safe but unfortunately, provide a minimal moisture resistance. Instead, epoxies and polyurethanes offer a [&hellip

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Creating a Fiber Optic Concrete Countertop – Lighting Countertop

Creating a custom lighting countertop means to completely, change the look of your kitchen, a transition from an obsolete look to a modern kitchen, a true work of art. An illuminated countertop has surprising and incredible light effects, achieved by fiber optics (thin acrylic fibers) that are embedded beneath countertop surface.   More than that, [&hellip

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