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What You Can Use to Remove Dried Mortar and Grout from Newly Installed Outdoor Ceramic Tile

The removing of the excess cement and grout is the last step of the ceramic tile installation process. Usually, installation of outdoor ceramic tiles on a concrete slab requires the use of Portland cement. Applying too much cement makes it to sweep up between tiles and spread over the tiles, and may stain them. The [&hellip

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How Hard is to Replace Damaged Ceramic Tiles

Tearing out the entire tiled area only for some damaged tiles is not really, a good idea. It is not too hard to replace the damaged tiles and you can do it that if you have some basic skills and patience. You need only, to chisel and break off the damaged tiles and install the [&hellip

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How to Apply Peel and Stick Tile on a Wall

Wherever is applied, bathroom, kitchen or workshop, peel & stick tile or self adhesive tiles can improve that room creating quickly a new fresh look. They are inexpensive and very easy to apply. They come also, in a wide variety of colors and patterns, looking quite similar with the real tiles. Peel & tiles are [&hellip

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