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How to Protect and Preserve Your Property Wooden Fence

A wooden fence around your property is a plus. It adds beauty, charm and little romance. However, over time a wooden fence, changes its color and appearance, becoming dull and gray. Of course, any homeowner would like to protect and preserve the look of his wooden fence and the secret is to know what are [&hellip

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The Differences Between Interior and Exterior Dimensional Lumber

Along with stone, wood is one of the oldest building materials. It is used from immemorial times and even today, it is one of the most used building materials. For practical reason, construction timber is classified according with its suitability for use, indoors or outdoors, although the trees that produce this lumber are not. However, [&hellip

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What are the Benefits of Teak Lumber and the Environmentally Impact of Deforestation

Teak wood is the type of lumber that is getting more and more popular every day. Knowing which its special qualities are you will understand why Teak lumber is in continuing and increasing demanding. In fact, Teak lumber seems to be perfectly fit for furniture or decking construction. Any homeowner is pleasantly surprised by its [&hellip

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