House of Clay

House of Clay

Ileana Mavrodin, is an architect and graphic designer, who lived in Canada for 12 years. Her dream is to introduce an alternative construction (ecologic cob) in Romania.

She is the promoter and coordinator of the “Green House Project”, the first in Romania cob technique.

Romanian ecological experiment “Green House” was started in the summer of 2004.

The architect built a clay house in the village of Banat county, Sasca Montana on the river Nera.

Nera is a growing tourist area and many investors are trying to offer tourists the most civilized conditions.

The price of house is approximately € 2,000, along with the price of land. It’s made of cob.

What is Cob?

Cob is a building material containing clay, sand, straw, water and earth. Cob is resistant to water, earthquakes and is very cheap. It has exceptional strength. In the U.S., Canada, Germany, in the context of growing interest for a healthier lifestyle, these homes are becoming increasingly popular.

This type of construction can be used by those who truly love nature; they can be used especially in ecotourism or such as vacation homes.

How Hard Is to Build an Ecological House?

It isn’t really hard. In fact, only hard work is required. But if you have time, friends and you know how to use local materials you can succeed.

The material is wet straw with clay. Straw are actually reinforcing the entire structure. The foundation is stone. The roof is green (a grass layer).The doors from an old car are used like windows. Wood is another important element of the building, being used both for decoration and structure.

The walls are 60 inches width and they are a very good insulator and also they have a great capacity to regulate humidity, keeping optimum 50% moisture. Summer is cool in the winter is warm.

The interior is furnished with traditional decor and has a brick oven, whose fumes pass through the couch of clay arranged near the wall of the house. “The heat rises through the bench and warming up the room,” has said architect Ileana Mavrodin, which shows another benefit of this green house.

This type of architecture is a tribute to nature, a desire for environment protection.