You need a pathway for your garden not only because it enriches and beautifies the landscape or home backyard but also for a practical reason. After all, the pathway is useful; it helps you to cross the garden without getting wet or dirt on your pants and shoes.  Your grass and flowers will be protected.  A pathway is an important part of your garden and designers, landscapers and gardeners have come up with many interesting ideas to improve and stylish them.

Dry stacked wall

There are a wide variety of designs for garden pathways. They range from simple to sophisticated, from modern and contemporary to elegant.

Romantic Guesthouse Garden
Beautiful Garden Pathway Ideas for Your Home Garden (video)

The pathway can be a design extension of your property or it can add color, pattern to the garden, improving in this way the curb appeal of your home. It is hard to choose from so many designs and ideas. Some pathways have delicate and complicate lines other feature geometric and straight lines. Also, they can be made from different or combinations of materials.

Keep in your mind that the pathway design is extremely important for the overall look of your garden.