Tinsel, ornaments, lights, decorations, star on top and gifts underneath. This is the traditional Christmas tree, without which the most beautiful time of the year will lose all its charm. But choosing a Christmas tree can be tricky, and offer two alternatives: natural or artificial? Every choice has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see the 5 reasons in favor and against natural Christmas tree.

Girl standing by Christmas tree

Natural Christmas Tree

Natural Christmas Tree Advantages:

1. Gives magic and a Christmas fairy tale air. Let’s face it, you can recognize a natural tree from a few feet away. It provides a real Christmas atmosphere and a unique, distinguished style to your house.

2. The smell is perhaps, the main reason to buy a Christmas tree. If your home does not smell like pine then it is not Christmas yet. Pine smell suggests that Christmas is already here. Obviously, there is another option to buy a table or door decorations made of fir branches and thus your home to smell like pine, but it is not really the same thing.

3. If you buy your Christmas tree potted, after the holidays you can plant it in your garden or you can place it near the front stairs. In this way, you will have a perfect Christmas while helping our planet.

4. After Christmas, you could take your Christmas tree at a recycling center, where the wood can be used later, saving other trees from cutting.

5. A simply natural Christmas trees look infinitely better than an artificial one. A natural tree cannot be duplicated just copied and imitated.

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Natural Christmas Tree Disadvantages:

1. The needles of fir trees fall fast enough, which means you will have often clean and vacuum under it.  And the biggest trouble comes when you remove the ornaments and the tree from the house.

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

2. A natural Christmas tree may be a danger to young children and pets. Children can pull it and take it down, which can lead to their injury. They can also swallow or inhale the fir needles. You must keep all the time an eye on your children when they are near the tree.

3. Another argument against natural Christmas tree is the price. Often retailers inflate the price to get a bigger profit. In addition, you have to buy it every year, while artificial tree can be use it for many years if you take care of it.

4. A natural trees dries quickly. This fact has two disadvantages. First, you have a Christmas tree for a shorter period. When the tree is dry is a real fire hazard.

5. It is difficult to carry a natural tree from the market up to your home, then carved and mounted in its support.