How to Build Your House

1) INTRODUCTION Building or buying a home is a very hard test and enormous responsibility. It’s pretty easy to do wrong and if you do you pull all your life. All attempts to take advantage of you. The real estate agent, builder, architect, authorities are trying to steal your money. If you take into account [&hellip

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Air Plants – A Stunning Decor Element

Air Plants (Aerophore Plants) grow without soil and require minimal care. They are ideal for creating a modern decor in a home. Air plants do not take up much space, do not need soil to grow and require minimal care. They just need a place where they can get enough natural light. You do not [&hellip

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Natuzzi – Leader in Contemporary Furniture Industry

Luxury furniture is perceived both as a commodity and also as an art object. However, like all works of art, the value of such pieces fluctuates independently of the usual market rules. Natuzzi is one of the pieces of luxury furniture, and more than that, lately, it has become the world leader in leather sofas. [&hellip

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Tree Branches, Unique Ornaments for Your Home

Choose a Vase Natural Arrangements with dry branches can have any container as a vase, such as vases from clay, or glass and even metal vases. So you can use any vase or container that you have in the house, so that they provide the necessary support for the arrangement of dried branches. Find the [&hellip

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Simple and Effective Ways to Decorate the Walls

Modern Dining Room by Del Mar Architects & Designers twenty7 design Although at first glance it seems simple wall decoration can be a difficult test for many. Let’s see, then, a few quick and easy ideas to do that will help you to beautify your home walls. Perhaps the most serious and common mistake that [&hellip

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Add Color to Your Patio – Outdoor Living

A dull patio in a mono-color, maybe it will not depress you, but it certainly will not stand out and will decrease the overall appearance of your home. If you want to experience a happy and playful style choose colors different from each other. Perhaps you want a more natural or, conversely, more modern decor? [&hellip

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